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The national cultural heritage of every country is one
of the most important repositories of each nation....

The manifestations of culture, as expressed through ancient monuments, traditional villages, places of worship from one side, and gathering places of people, social events and daily life in the current urban environment from the other side, are source of observation, learning, inspiration and valuable opportunity for capture through the photographic lens.

The European Project "LIGHT ECHOES" does highlight the national cultural heritage and is a starting point for knowledge and understanding of the different cultural characteristics of the collaborating project partners.

Moreover, it is an important opportunity for photographic training of all individuals involved.
We explore the possible relationship between the particular light conditions of each place and how that has influenced the culture of that place. The photographic depiction will be implemented in all lighting conditions, wherever possible, such as dawn, dusk, and night, during all seasons of the year, with special emphasis on aesthetics and originality of depiction, through the eyes and the photographic lens of each photographer.