Project Partner from Poland


Blueform is a training and consulting company located in the
south part of Poland.
The team of specialists (trainers, counselors) helps Individuals and companies to achieve their potentials.
An important part of the training process is a thorough analysis of needs before providing a service. We work with consultants form different business branches, trainers and occupational counsellors with a lot of practical experience. We also stand out from other companies in terms of our offer complexity: we do research, analyse needs, join group trainings with individual counselling, we evaluate results.
Blueform organises trainings and courses co-funded by the European Social Fund dedicated to the various groups: top management, employees, unemployed, job seekers.

Blueform is also a perfect place for people who want to develop their interests and competencies.
Blueform offers computer courses for beginners, computer programming and graphic design courses, photography workshop, scrapbooking workshop and many others.

In 2008-2010, together with four educational institutions from Germany, Spain, the UK and Malta, we realised Grundtvig Partnership Project "The culture of minorities in Europe". One of the effects of the project was the exhibition about the tradition and culture of different minorities living in our countries. The "European cultural heritage – a melting pot of cultures through the art of photography" gives us an opportunity to deepen the theme of cultural heritage, both in Poland and in comparison with various partners, and thus for the European scale.