Project Partner from Greece

Society of Pierian Studies ''ESTIA PIERIDON MUSSON'' KATERINI
Photography Department, Katerini, Greece

ESTIA PIERIDON MUSSON(EPM) is a non-profit institution.
The mission of our institution is to promote culture and tradition in local society. EPM has active departments in the areas of:
-Folk dance ensemble
-Traditional & religious music
EPM has a leading position in all cultural activities in the area of Katerini.
It has more than 50 years of presence in Pieria, in Northern Greece.
EPM has participated in many cultural events nationwide and worldwide.

IRIS is the photography department of ESTIA PIERIDON MUSSON. It conducts introductory and advanced photography classes for enthusiast non-professional photographers. Furthermore IRIS organizes photography exhibitions twice a year and participates in various cultural activities.

EPM, due to its active role in the cultural life, is very popular in the local society. Also, it has relationships with other similar institutions nationwide. We expect that this fact will facilitate the dissemination of the results of the project.
Role in the project: As coordinator ESTIA PIERIDON MUSSON-IRIS is responsible for project steering, monitoring, quality assurance and evaluation.