Project Partner from Turkey

Kapadokya Kadın Dayanışma Derneği

Our association was founded in order to organize women, for solving the problems of women, and having a say in local government and helping them socially and culturally improving themselves.

The mission of our association is to advance awareness of women about human rights and their own rights, their economic, legal, social, also political solidarity, to aware of education, health, family planning and violence in families, to upgrade quality and level of women at every platform, to have a say in local management, to benefit from opportunities of county, to develop consciousness of society, family and individual.

Our target group is women who live economic poverty, refugees who need psychological support, children who face with physical and sexual violence, girls and women’s who are refugee and immigrant.

Our organization seeks for self improvement through lifelong learning approaches.In this point,we organize many courses and socio-cultural events such as tours,seminars,competions.

Photography is one of the interests for our members and we have organized photo taking tours in Cappadocia which has a unique picturesque nature and an interesting history.