Exhibition "LightECHOEs" in Germany,77815 Bühl, Am Froschbächle 21.

The opening of the first exhibition of the project took place at 13.th of April 2014. Representatives and photographers from all project partners participated in the opening. The senior mayor from the city of Bühl, Mr. Hubert Schnurr, opened ceremoniously the exhibition. More than 100 photos from Greece, Poland, Turkey and Germany showing the cultural heritage of each nation and region of the project partners, gave the visitors a wonderful view of the diversity of each culture and mentality of its inhabitants through the light of photography. It is fact, that pictures are closer to our emotions and feelings than texts. Therefore photography is an excellent bridge for intercultural exchange.

The multinational audience of the exhibition was additionally inspired through presentations from all project partners about their cultural heritage. While the polish team focussed on the traditions of the coal miners, their close affinity to the religion and traditional folklore, the team from Greece presented their rich and impressive ancient cultural sites as the roots of the european culture. The influence of climate and landscape to culture and human beings was shown in the presentation from the turkish team, especially with the focus on the landscapes of Cappadocia and its inhabitants. The latter region was one of the most important early christian centres. Many traditions and rituals in countries can be retraced to the influence
of other countries, like the traditional shadow puppetry in Turkey.
Finally the german team presented its international and national guests the cultural highlights of the region with a focus on the middle ages, the baroque time, traditional craftsmanship and beautiful landscapes. Many castles, monasteries, old ruins and other historical sites characterizing the Upper Rhine and Black Forest near the cities of Bühl, Rastatt and Baden-Baden.

Since the exhibition was part of the project "European Cultural Heritage - A Melting Pot of Cultures through the Light of Photography" and funded from the European Programme for Lifelong Learning, the organisers of the exhibition took the opportunity to give the
multinational audience an introduction to the new European Programme ERASMUS PLUS.

The exhibition took place from 13.th of April till 30.th of June 2014. It was closed with a nice FINISSAGE, where several visitors took the chance to see the photos.

It is the aim of all project partners to increase the European Integration, to increase our knowledge about the culture and traditions of each country and finally to respect and esteem the diversity and richness of our cultural heritage.

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